Vehicle maintenance

Quickly access all information about your fleet and upcoming service dates, as well as keep track of repair costs. Automate fleet maintenance processes within your company.

The Fleet Maintenance extension helps create your fleet maintenance plan in order to make sure that any scheduled maintenance or urgent repair is carried out in a timely manner. The extension comes along with:

  • Maintenance checklist. Browse service works for the entire fleet: number of tasks scheduled, completed or expired. Check costs for each type of service works.
  • Quick creation of new service works. Easily add new works to refill oil, change tyres, run engine diagnostics, etc. for any vehicles. Schedule works by date, mileage or engine hours. Turn the Autorepeat option on for routine maintenance tasks.

Schedule service jobs by the following conditions:

  • By date
  • By mileage
  • By engine hours

Receive timely alerts on upcoming maintenance tasks via e-mail, SMS, or push-notifications on your mobile device.



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