Remote tacho download

Download DDD files directly from the platform

Navixy allows you to remotely download DDD files from tachographs and driver cards. Our system sends these files to your email so you can store them on your PC or Cloud. Tachograph files allow you to monitor:

  • work and rest schedule,
  • violations of the usage of the tachograph

Remote download makes working with a tachograph easy and pleasant.
This feature will save you and your employee’s time. Instead of running around with the laptop for data transfer, your drivers will be able to focus on driving.

To download DDD files from you tachograph please follow these steps

  1. Ask your Navixy account manager for TachoAuthClient program
  2. Install the program on your PC and connect your company card
  3. On the platform, in Devices & Settings menu specify your Company card’s number in Remote download settings portlet and select data interval
  4. In Delivery by email portlet specify email to which files should be sent to
  5. In DDD file download commands portlet select which files should be downloaded and sent
  6. File download can take up to 15 minutes

Please see this guide for detailed instructions with screenshots

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