Passenger counter

Keep track of people flow in transport and on site

The passenger counter feature allows to easily monitor the number of people entering or leaving buildings, transport or any restricted area. Boost your security services, ensure transparent payment collection and improve maintenance forecast.

  • Increase accuracy of shifts, routes and other people flow related numbers
  • Optimize transport  service and maintenance
  • Validate passenger counts to get clear numbers for accounting

To get started with the extension:

  1. Install a GPS tracking device into a vehicle or on site. The GPS tracker should support sensors for passenger counting. For example, Galileosky 7, Galileosky Lite, etc.
  2. Install two infrared sensors and connect them to the GPS tracker, e.g. via the RS-485 interface and set them up as per manufacturer’s manual.
  3. Log in to your account, go to Devices and settings menu and set up the Passenger counter measurement sensors for Entry and Exit
  4. Monitor sensors reading in real time and/or generate automatic reports for any past periods.


Configuration level