Twilio SMS Gateway

Use the Twilio SMS Gateway to remotely configure GPS trackers and send SMS notifications.

Enable the Twilio SMS gateway to configure GPS trackers “over the air” and send alerts on events that have occurred. Don’t waste time activating new GPS trackers on the platform and avoid entry errors when manually sending commands to the device.

To get started with the extension, you’ll need to create an account on Infobit web site. The extension allows you to:

  • Remotely configure GPS trackers, including the first time you activate them on the telematics platform
  • Send SMS notifications to users on various events
  • Use SMS as a backup channel for communication with the GPS unit in the absence of a GPRS connection

An important feature of Twilio is the ability to send SMS commands without trimming spaces at the beginning of a message. This is important, for example, for setting up Teltonika GPS trackers.



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