Task management

Manage your tasks with ease, instantly dispatch and schedule jobs for your field workers and follow status updates. Pinpoint how much time workers are spending on a particular task.

Schedule visits to customers, dispatch tasks and monitor the results in real-time. See what field workers are available, add customer information and include task details. Enjoy drag and drop tool to easily reschedule tasks and visits.

Consider using Task management to:

  • Assign new tasks and schedule customer visits for your field workers and drivers quickly
  • Update drivers’ work plan and route while they’re on the go to avoid unnecessary additional trips
  • Browse and summarize all visits to customers

Browse and summarize all visits to customers

  • Create single tasks
  • Schedule recurring tasks and visits to customers
  • Create a task route that consists of an ordered sequence of waypoints
  • Send task information to workers via the X-GPS Tracker mobile app
  • Browse each visit for the period

To get the full access, log in to your telematics service web version. The Tasks module is available in Field Service.



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