Mass texting

Optimize your communication with field workers with mass messaging

Success of field service management heavily relies on communication between an operator and their employees. In urgent situations, notifying several employees can be crucial but without appropriate tools it will turn into tedious work.

Mass Texting mode allows a dispatcher to simultaneously send out the same message to up to 300 recipients. For instance, a dispatcher can immediately inform couriers of unexpected schedule changes, system outages, machinery breakdowns  —  anything that needs an immediate reaction.

This feature will save time both for you and your employees.

Mass texting

To send a message to several employees:

  1. Log in to your telematics service web version
  2. Open the “Messages” section
  3. Select recipients, who will receive your message
  4. After message is sent, it will appear in the X-GPS Tracker mobile application that is installed on the employee’s smartphone



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