Howen Video Monitoring (MDVR)

Receive real-time video streaming from in-cab cameras.

Enabling the Howen’s online video monitoring system allows fleet owners to control driver behaviour behind the wheel and ensure cargo safety real-time.

Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing you have a video record and everything under control. For ex., when receiving alerts on opening/closing of the truck cargo compartment outside of the specified area, it’ll be enough to take a quick look at the video streaming to ensure the safety of the transported cargo.

Howen Video Monitoring (MDVR)


Unfortunately, these devices do not support automatic activation, so please follow this guide for adding a new tracker:

  1. Register a new device. In the process, you will not need to enter any additional data (IMEI or phone number).
  2. After registration, find and write down the device ID, server IP address and port.
  3. Next, you need to use the configuration utility that comes with the device. Using it, set the previously mentioned ID, IP and port, as well as APN settings.
  4. Done. The device is activated and sends data to the server.

Live stream

Our platfrom allows you to watch live video stream from the device directly in the web interface.

A unique widget is available for these devices, which you can find at the bottom of the screen in your UI.

  1. Once you press Play in the widget, platform will send a command with media server’s address to the device.
  2. If the device successfully receives the command,  it will start streaming video to the specified server.
  3. Video is then processed and displayed in the web interface. Important: we display video only from the first channel.

Videos can only be viewed online. Video is not stored.

Please note that for On-Premise and AWS solutions you will need to deploy your own Howen media server. Instructions can be requested from Howen support team.



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