Howen Video Monitoring (MDVR)

Receive real-time video streaming from in-cab cameras.

Enabling the Howen’s online video monitoring system allows fleet owners to control driver behaviour behind the wheel and ensure cargo safety real-time.

Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing you have a video record and everything under control. For ex., when receiving alerts on opening/closing of the truck cargo compartment outside of the specified area, it’ll be enough to take a quick look at the video streaming to ensure the safety of the transported cargo.

Howen Video Monitoring (MDVR)

By enabling the extension, you’ll be able to receive real-time video streaming directly from Howen Technologies GPS trackers.

You can easily run a video by heading to the widget bar located at the bottom of the map, as well as expand it to the full screen. The maximum viewing time is 5 minutes, after that time the video has to be restarted.