Tire pressure

Improve fleet maintenance by monitoring tire pressure of your vehicles

If you use trucks or heavy equipment – monitoring tire pressure becomes an essential part of fleet management.

This information will not only help you monitor how heavily loaded your vehicles are but will help prevent accidents and extend lifetime of your tires. As a result, equipment owners significantly reduce fleet operating costs.

This information is usually transmitted over the CAN bus. If your devices support this type of sensor, you can create a sensor in the monitoring system.
Information about the tire pressure will appear in the corresponding widget.

Out system allows you to receive alerts on high and low pressure in tires – enabling you to react and resolve issues faster.

Tire pressure

To add a tire pressure sensor:

  1. Log into your Navixy platform
  2. Go to Devices & settings menu
  3. In Sensors & buttons widget add a measurement sensor
  4. Select corresponding input
  5. Once saved, data will be shown in OBD and CAN widget

You can create this sensor with the help of this user guide.

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